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highlights and main attractions of corbett national park

highlights and main attractions of corbett national park

Described by Rudyard Kipling as ‘primal jungle’, Corbett National Park has retained its wild ambience and adventurous feel. Named after the legendary hunter-turned-conservationist, Jim Corbett, who was known for killing the tigers that had a taste for human flesh, it now covers 1318 square kilometres in the foothills of the Himalayas and is an ideal habitat for tigers.

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The park was the first to gain National Park status in the whole of India and has had an eventful life, established in 1936 as Hailey National Park, changing to Ramganga National Park in 1955, then eventually to Corbett. It has grown in size, now including the Sonanadi Wildlife Reserve, famous for Asiatic elephants and tigers, and is a haven for anyone seeking adventure. The famous Ramganga River dissects the land of moist deciduous forest, splitting into streams which form islands of sheesham trees, with long grasses on the pastures. Surrounded by prosperous vegetation, from slender sal trees and chir to Lantana shrubs and bamboo, the majority is dense moist deciduous forest that enchants and entices its visitors.

These diverse habitats have ensured varied wildlife survives here, with 50 mammals, 577 birds and over 25 reptiles, and the rivers are alive with marine life. Majestic Bengal tigers roam the park and leopards can be found here too, although sightings of both are rare. There are other small cats that are more commonly spotted, such as jungle cat and fishing cat. Elephants live all over the park, and you may also see sloth bear, Himalayan black bear, jackal, Indian grey mongoose, otters, civets and porcupines to name a few. There are also mugger and charial crocodiles, vipers, cobras and Indian Rock pythons for those with an interest in marine reptiles.

Wildlife enthusiasts will not be disappointed, nor will photographers and even keen anglers. The park is open from mid-October to mid-June, avoiding the monsoon seasons, but beware the busier periods, particularly during the holidays and weekends.

There is a range of accommodation to choose from during your stay. Corbett Hideaway River Lodge is positioned in a great spot for wildlife viewing, staying in luxury tented accommodation overlooking the Ramganga River. Alternatively, try Corbett Tiger Camp set into the edge of the thick jungle, featuring cosy, en-suite and air-conditioned bungalows.


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