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Borneo Rainforests

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Borneo Rainforests

At 130 million years old, Borneo's Rainforest is one of the oldest in the world, and home to a dizzying number of species (15,000 of plants, 3,000 of trees, 221 of land mammals & 420 of birds!). As the third largest island in the world, a lot of these are endemic to Borneo alone, their natural habitat being unique and endangered. The renowned Danum Valley is a mystical and special example of this pristine environment, where you can spot a variety of Borneo's animals including, pygmy elephants and (if you are very lucky) clouded leopard skulking in the shade of lowland dipterocarps, watch orangutans and gibbons swinging in the vines, and bearded pigs and deer scarpering through the undergrowth. With such a diverse array of flowers and plants, including the huge Rafflesia, with flowers up to 100cm wide that invoke the primordial jungles of a bygone era, this protected national park provides a rich and irreplaceable home to birds, primates and ungulates alike.

If there’s one place to go to experience the rich cornucopia of wildlife inhabiting Borneo, then it’s the Kinabatangan River. Cruise along in a silent boat as the dense jungle covered banks come alive with proboscis monkeys, macaques, leaf monkeys, gibbons and wild orang-utans. Wind your way through ox-bow lakes and mangrove forests to search for the endangered sun bear and rare Bornean pygmy elephants. With five distinct habitats providing one of the richest ecosystems imaginable; from dipterocarp, waterlogged and limestone forests to freshwater and saline swamps, the length of the Kinabatangan is home to the largest concentration of wildlife in southeast Asia.

There are 10 species of primate, as well as crocodiles, otters, civet cats and an incredible array of birds, including 8 species of hornbill flitting through the trees. All driven to subside closely together in a constantly retreating endangered habitat due the mass deforestation caused by palm oil plantations.

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