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Highlights and main attractions of Poring Hot Springs

Highlights and main attractions of Poring Hot Springs

Located in the lowlands and foothills of Mount Kinabalu and just a 30-minute, 40 kilometre drive from Kinabalu National Park, Poring Hot Springs is part of an area that contains a number of attractions. The most popular is the sulphurous network of pools and springs that provide the ideal respite for those who have climbed Mount Kinabalu and are looking to soothe tired or aching muscles after a strenuous day of activity.

Hornbill, Borneo

Location and Activities

The springs are accessed via a wood hanging bridge, which leads you into landscaped gardens and an area with open-air tiled baths. The hot sulphur spring water is channelled into these and you have the option to fill your own bath or alternatively swim in rock pools which contain the water. A canopy walkway is also located in the complex, set 120 feet above the ground, taking you through 150 metres of the canopy of the rainforest. 

Several other attractions outside the spring's complex can also be explored during a Borneo holiday. There is an orchid conservation centre which has the largest display of Sabah orchids which stands at approximately 1,200 species. It is also an area where the Rafflesia jungle flower can be seen during its highly truncated blooming period of just seven days. You will need a degree of luck to catch a budding Rafflesia during your visit! The best place to stay during your time here is easily the cosy Poring Jungle Lodge.

The butterfly farm in Poring was Borneo’s first and has a garden, nursery and hatchery designed to promote research and education.


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