Zimbabwe In December

December is low season in Zimbabwe so isn't considered to have the best weather but this shouldn't stop you travelling on safari.

December weather and when to go

December weather and when to go

The rainy season continues into December with some torrential downpours and occasional days of continuous rain which may affect your time on safari. Of course, you are more than welcome to go out on game drives during the rain, just remember to pack your waterproofs! Some roads may become impassable at this time depending on the severity of the rain, for example the 4x4 tracks in Mana Pools may be difficult to navigate after heavy rainfall. Temperatures will still be warm throughout December with high humidity so the rainfall is likely to bring some afternoon respite.


One of the benefits of travelling in the low season is that the parks and lodges are much quieter giving you more intimate wildlife experiences. 



Other benefits of travelling during the rainy season are the lush, verdant landscapes and new born animals. The majority of ungulates give birth in the wet season as there is plenty of vegetation to provide for their young. Although the dense vegetation makes wildlife more difficult to see your guides will be able to point out plenty of flora and fauna.

Migratory birds with spectacular breeding plumage have also arrived by December so you may be able to witness some interesting mating rituals and bright feathers fluttering through the trees.


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