Zimbabwe In April

Travel to Zimbabwe in April for sightings of the mighty Victoria Falls in full flow and newborn young in the bush.

April weather and when to go

April weather and when to go

The end of March and the beginning of April sees Zimbabwe come out of the rainy season making the national parks and reserves accessible again. Weather can be unpredictable at this time of year, but you can expect a range of warm, sunny spells, some rain showers likely to fall in the mid-late afternoon, and evenings becoming cooler towards the end of the month.


Look out for elephant calves huddling under mum, baby antelopes teetering through the bush and black rhino young learning browsing techniques from their elders.  



Another benefit of travelling during April is that you will be able to experience the Wonder of the World, Victoria Falls, in full flow. Thanks to the long rainy season, the water levels in the Zambezi are high, so the current and spray of the falls will be powerfully surging over the edge. At this time of year it is best to get above the falls so you can witness the whole scene without your photographs being overwhelmed by the spray.

As this is not the optimum season for wildlife watching in Zimbabwe the parks are likely to be quite quiet and rate will be lower than peak season (July to October).


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