• Rubondo Island Camp, Tanzania

About Rubondo Island, Lake Victoria

About Rubondo Island, Lake Victoria

Rubondo Island is the largest island national park in Africa, an area of pristine wilderness and rare creatures, such as the chimpanzee which was introduced in the 60’s. Here, even the largest of African mammals are dwarfed by giant ancient trees, in the leaves of which vervet monkey’s play and papyrus swamps hide the elusive sitatunga, where crocodiles wait for a meal on the shore and hippos makes waves in the shallows.

Rubondo Island Camp is the only accommodation found here, shaded by the forest canopy, perched on the lake resulting spectacular views, making the unexplored explore-able by intrepid travellers. 

Lodge Details


A luxurious, intimate and exclusive camp.


This is the only camp on Rudondo Island, which lies in the southwest corner of Lake Victoria. 80% of its 25,000 hectare surface is covered by pristine, untouched forest and it has been uninhabited for decades.  You can reach Rubondo Island via a one hour flight from the Serengeti or Kigali.

Accommodation & Facilities

Where 8 thatched tents once stood, there are now luxurious, suite-style cottages.  Cottages offer the utmost in privacy, meticulously crafted by hand using local materials and the unrivalled skilled of local craftsmen, blending seamlessly with the unspoiled surroundings. Cottages are between 10 and 20 metres apart

The new dining and lounge area is set on an elevated rocky outcrop for fantastic views over dinner. There is also a swimming pool surrounded by decks, right near the beach and common area.


Rubondo Island offers superb rewards for the adventurous from exploring the pristine forest to water based activities around the island. On land there are guided forest walks, chimpanzee scouting, excellent bird viewing and game drives through the dense forest.  Out on the water there are world class fishing opportunities and superb boat based game viewing possibilities. There are two fishing boats available for half day hire - "Sato" a 6 person Tom Cat and "Sangara", a smaller 4 person boat.

Child Policy

Children aged 5 and above are welcomed. 

Want to stay here?

Contact one of our Destination Specialists to start planning your journey to include a stay here. Please note we recommend a budget of from £7,000 / $10,000 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination.

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