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South Africa in June: Weather and where to go

South Africa in June: Weather and where to go

Although temperatures continue to drop throughout June, there is little to no rainfall and glorious clear skies are the backdrop to your safari.

Visiting Kruger National Park at this time is great as wildlife is abundant and although tourist numbers will be rising they will not have peaked due to northern hemisphere school holidays not yet having started. Landscapes will be turning into shades of browns, yellows and oranges not only making fantastic scenes for photography but also making wildlife much easier to spot due to the thinning vegetation. 

Kruger, South Africa

Travel to Madikwe Game Reserve at this time of year for great chances of seeing wild dogs. Generally living in packs, these endangered painted dogs are a real treat to witness and are often seen hunting antelope and zebra.

The winter rainfall regions (Western Cape and the Garden Route) are wetter and colder at this time but lush green landscapes start to flourish. The rains sweep in thanks to cold fronts but usually only last a matter of days and are followed by bright, clear days during which you can see the stunning sunlight reflections bouncing off the sea. Temperatures do drop to lows of around 7°C and with the sea breeze days may feel chilly. However, getting out to explore Table Mountain and heading to Boulders Beach to see the penguins will be well worth the extra layers needed!

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