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Unfairly, Rwanda is still remembered for its devastating genocide in 1994. The fact is this tragic incident took place over 20 years ago, nowadays, Rwanda portrays a remarkable story of recovery with warm welcoming people, one of the fastest growing economies on the African continent, and some jaw dropping things to see and do. Throughout this page, we hope to excite you to what one of the smallest African countries has to offer from its patch worked landscape to its dramatic volcanic peaks.

Gorilla Tracking

The mountain gorillas of Central Africa (Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC) are one of the resounding success stories of tourism and conservation working hand in hand. Over ten years ago the mountain gorilla population had decreased to only 620 individuals, whereas now, due to concerted efforts and well-structured eco-tourism models, the mountain gorilla populations have grown to over 800 individuals. The base for this breath-taking experience is the stunning Volcanoes National Park where you can stay at one of a number of properties from the eco-friendly Virunga Lodge to the luxurious Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. Contra to people’s beliefs, gorilla safaris can be undertaken at any time of the year, although the more rainy months of March – May and October – November do make it slightly slipper underfoot.

Mountain Gorilla baby
Mountain gorillas, Rwanda

Climbing the Virunga Volcanoes

Possibly for the more adventurous amongst us, but nonetheless a thoroughly under estimated experience! Climbing one of the volcanic peaks that makes up the Virunga Volcano chain is a great way to fill the day(s) and to make your visit to this area about more than just the gorillas. Mt Muhavura is one of the most accessible peaks with its summit reaching a grand 4,127m high – a feat that is possible to conquer on a long day out. Mt Karisimbi is a slightly more technical climb making an overnight or two a requirement. If not wishing to over-extend yourselves then day visits are also a possibility.

Culture, Rwanda
Culture, Rwanda

Chimpanzee Tracking

Not as easy as in other parts of Africa, Rwanda’s chimp tracking experience is still great fun. To make the most of this, head southwest towards the border and the beautiful rainforest of Nyungwe Forest National Park. Nyungwe is one of the best preserved montane rainforests in Central Africa and also home to some rather elusive chimps. Whilst the Mahale mountains chimp experience can be tricky depending on the chimps location, Nyungwe is more so. These chimps are fast moving and it is impossible to keep up with them on the steep terrain, so be sure that you are ready for a decent workout. For those with a head for heights there is also now a dramatic canopy walkway which affords stunning views over the forest, and if you are lucky you may even catch a glimpse of those cheeky primates.

  • Best place in Rwanda for chimpanzee tracking: Nyungwe Forest
  • Best time for chimpanzee tracking in Rwanda: June to March (exc. November)
Chimpanzee close up

A Touching History

Whilst the history of the genocide is now firmly in the past, this is still an event that cannot be forgotten. Take time during your stay to visit the genocide memorial on the outskirts of Kigali or even one of the memorial church sites further afield. Most people are shocked at the thought of visiting such a memorial, however, whilst hard hitting and emotional, these memorials take on an educational role and serve as a costly reminder of humanity at its worst.

The Gorilla Doctors

For those looking for a bit more ‘behind the scenes’ action than just gorilla tracking, we also organise a visit with the Gorilla Doctors to gain an insight into the daily lives of the gorillas. At a cost of USD$500 for your party, you have a chance to sit down and interact with the gorilla doctors who are out in the park most days clearing snares, administering medicine to the gorillas and monitoring their welfare. Covering Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC, the gorilla doctors offer an insightful presentation on the work they undertake and the threats that face them on a daily


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