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Highlights and main attractions of Kigali

Highlights and main attractions of Kigali

The capital city of the ‘Land of Eternal Spring’ first became so after gaining independence in 1962 and ever since has been the country’s most important transportation, political and economic hub. Geographically poised in the centre of the country, it is the home of the Rwandan presidency and government ministries, and is part of a wider province named Kigali City which was expanded in 2006. 

Rwanda Kigali Genocide Memorial


Framed by the verdant slopes that surround its centre, Kigali is known as a garden city and its laid-back feel comes from its relatively small and navigable size, low-rise buildings and leafy, tree-lined avenues. There are some colourful districts to explore which exhibit local crafts and cultures, reflecting the country’s rich heritage.

Many visitors to Rwanda are keen to gain more historical understanding and background of Rwanda, in which the 1994 genocide plays an important role. Kigali Genocide Museum or ‘Gisozi’ is a permanent memorial to in excess of 250,000 people who sadly lost their lives, a poignant reminder of the tragic events that were witnessed by the world and how far the country has progressed since.

Other points of interest in the city include traditional pottery projects that are led by the local Batwa communities and other Rwandan crafts such as Muhabura baskets and wood crafts and carvings, which are exhibited in some of the museums of the city. Markets such as Nyabugogo are packed with food, Caplaki handicrafts, clothing and fabulous colourful fabrics.

Pottery is one of Rwanda’s oldest art forms and remains relevant today in everyday life, with many potters working from their homes. 

With a good range of accommodation and established road infrastructure, Kigali is well established for tourism. We use the comfortable Kigali Serena Hotel which has a great range of onsite facilities, making it an ideal base for the start and end of your journey of discovery in Rwanda. 


Contact one of our Destination Specialists to start planning your journey to Rwanda. Please note we recommend a budget of from £7,000 / $10,000 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination.

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