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February weather & where to go

February is the peak of the rainy season in Mozambique, and as such travelling to the country at this time is not preferable. The rain can last between a couple of hours to multiple days making travel within the country difficult due to the country’s infrastructure suffering from the conditions. However, the rain also brings renewed life to the landscape, with lush flora flowering across the country, attracting a variety of birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

Niassa Reserve, Mozambique

Festivals and Events

Gwaza Muthini

This celebration takes place in the town of Marracuene, and commemorates the people who resisted the colonialists and lost their lives in the 1895 Battle of Marracuene. Gwaza Muthini coincides with the start of the ukanhi season, a traditional brew made from the fruit of the canhoeiro tree.

Marrabenta Festival

Marrabenta is the national musical genre of Mozambique, which emerged in the 1940s. The festival celebrates the significance of this genre and helps to promote the music. The main festival takes place in Maputo, but celebrations can be seen across the country.


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