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About Azura Quilalea

About Azura Quilalea

Located on a beautiful, untouched private island, Azura Quilalea offers luxury accommodation that is ideal for those who want to enjoy peace, quiet in a private and entirely setting. With nine wonderfully appointed seafront villas, Azura Quilalea believes in the comfort of its guests as its highest priority.


A Robinson Crusoe style of villa that makes for a perfect place for a romantic getaway, or simply a welcome retreat from modern-day life.


The retreat is located on the private Quilalea Island, part of Quirimbas National Park. This retreat consists of nine villas, all of which are located along the pristine seafront, giving fantastic views out towards the Indian Ocean. The island covers an area of approximately 86 acres and is completely uninhabited aside from those working and staying at the hotel. The area surrounding the retreat is rich and verdant, with hammocks slung beneath giant baobab trees and foliage stretching all across the island. The surrounding marine sanctuary is a great place to catch sight of ocean-dwelling wildlife, including manta rays and turtles, either while snorkelling, scuba diving or simply looking out to sea from the shore.

Accommodation & Facilities

Accommodation on the island is split into three different styles of villa, each one with its own unique properties. The four Kaskazi villas are designed with seclusion in mind, perfect for people wanting privacy yet still providing easy access to all the facilities the retreat offers. The villas are made up of a large, open-plan living area with a separate bathroom and feature indoor/outdoor shower. Each villa also has its own private undercover deck, as well as air-conditioning and fans to ensure you keep cool. A butler service will make sure you have everything you need, when you need it. The newly revamped Kusi villas are kitted out with natural furnishings and pure African elegance, each with their own outdoor shower, beach sala and private plunge pool.The exclusive Villa Quilalea is located atop a cliff, offering an intimate experience with astonishing views over the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Built as the ultimate honeymoon villa, it comes with everything you could possibly need for your own private luxury getaway.


At Azura Quilalea, your hosts understand that dining is all part of the experience, and they go above and beyond to make this the case. The menus are centred around the fantastic fresh ingredients that are available on the island, while meals can be prepared for you in your villa, or even on the beach. A lounge bar can provide you with all the snacks and drinks you could want over the course of your stay.


The activities on the island reflect its luxury nature, with picnics on Turtle Beach, helicopter tours and tours of the local islands. For those feeling a bit more adventurous, the surrounding reefs offer fantastic opportunities for snorkelling and diving, with guided night snorkelling also on offer. A trip into the Sencar Island mangroves in a kayak is always sure to be a memorable experience.

Child Policy

Children are welcome at the retreat.

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