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Nay Palad Bird's Nest

Segera Birds Nest Kenya

Nay Palad Bird's Nest

If the thought of spending a night in a bird’s nest isn’t your idea of fun, you may just miss out on one of Africa’s most remarkable safari lodges. Ostriches be damned – this is the continent’s largest bird’s nest, and it can be yours on your next Kenyan safari.

The Bird Nest is an architectural marvel, designed by award-winning architect Daniel Pouzet, that combines the furnishings and amenities you’d expect from a high-end tented camp with a panoramic viewing deck – ringed by a “nest” of branches woven together by the local community – which together create a safari stay like no other. Come home to roost in this spectacular hideaway that stands tall above the Laikipia Plateau.

Segera Birds Nest Kenya


Situated close to a river running through the plains of Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau.

Accommodation & Facilities

On the ground floor of the Bird Nest, you’ll find a fully functional bathroom with flush toilet and running water heated by solar power. Climb up to the first floor and you’ll enter the bedroom, which doubles as a comfortable living area during the day. To make the most of the space, the large double bed (adorned with luxurious linens) is circular, while the scattering of cushions, African-inspired décor and slatted windows add to the ambience. Ascend further to the top deck to be greeted by stunning 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. Up here, nestled in the “nest” itself, one can truly appreciate the wonders of the African wilderness. The deck also serves as an open-air dining area and can even be transformed into a sleeping space, either for children (with parents staying in the first-floor bedroom) or keen stargazers.


Guests often choose to arrive at the Bird Nest on the cusp of sunset, when chilled champagne and an array of culinary delights await on the top deck – the perfect way to end a game drive. An equally enticing picnic-style breakfast will be prepared for you in the morning, when you can watch wildlife flock to the nearby river from your vantage point above the plains.


Aside from admiring the beauty of Laikipia during the day (and the sky above at night), guests at NAY PALAD Bird Nest can also partake in an exhilarating game drive or bush walk, with lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, buffalo, zebra and many other species known to frequent the area.