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Highlights and attractions of Lake Naivasha

Highlights and attractions of Lake Naivasha

The lake is just one and a half hour’s drive from Nairobi and is makes a popular weekend destination for local city dwellers. Backed by papyrus trees and 13 kilometres in length, Naivasha is relatively shallow, at a depth of just five metres but it is largely dependent on rainfall and the dimensions of the lake can therefore vary according to climate changes. In the morning the lake is generally calmer, with afternoon winds often creating higher waves.

Ornithologists often come to Naivasha for the incredible variety of fish-eating birds that the lake attracts and you are likely to see fish eagles, herons, kingfishers, ospreys and black crakes amongst others. Around the edge of the lake you can observe some of the mammals that emerge at daybreak to graze. 

hell's gate national park

Located just south of the lake is the Hell’s Gate National Park, which is named after the two red-hued cliffs that welcome the visitor into its enticing geothermal interior. This area is great to explore by foot across its savannah ecosystem and there are various hiking trails. It is possible to sight cheetah, leopard and lion here if you are fortunate, as well as over 100 bird species and other animals like Thomson’s gazelle, eland, zebra and buffalo.

crater lake game sanctuary

From the western side of the lake by Kongoni, Crater Lake Game Sanctuary surrounds an idyllic volcanic crater lake with a steep crater rim that offers some excellent hiking trails. Privately owned, the sanctuary has good game viewing with zebra and buffalo found here. 

The alkaline-filled lake is said by Maasai to have healing qualities, and flamingoes come to feed on the lake’s algae, which gives the lake an unusually green shade.

Our favourite place to stay in Lake Naivasha is the cosy Loldia House ideal for families looking for some down time.


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