For those who are interested in the weird and wonderful, there is a whole host of landscapes and wildlife to be discovered in Djibouti. Natural World Safaris can put you in the right place at the right time to swim with whale sharks in Djibouti.

Why Djibouti Safaris are truly unique

Why Djibouti Safaris are truly unique

Djibouti may be small, but it most certainly packs a punch. Squeezed onto the Horn of Africa, the Republic of Djibouti, as it is officially known, lies between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. Despite its neighbours having had their political difficulties in recent years, Djibouti is remarkably welcoming. On the whole, it is a country that is more often than not totally overlooked by safari-goers so you will be one of very few who have experienced this unique country. For those who are interested in the weird and wonderful, there is a whole host of landscapes and wildlife to be discovered in this intriguing destination; some of the landscapes and plants here have even been used as other-worldly species in blockbuster films!

Landscape Oddities & Unique Experiences

Djibouti is home to a myriad of geological oddities, with weird and wonderful landscapes offered by few other destinations. From the impressive Lac Assal, the lowest depression in Africa; a salty lake that is surrounded by intriguing salt formations and hot springs, to dead volcanoes, and basaltic plateaus.

A variety of experiences are also on offer in Djibouti, from hiking and exploring on land, to superb marine exploration. On the Gulf of Tadjoura you will find some excellent diving opportunities, as well as more specialist experiences. It is here that we can assist you in diving with the magnificent and gentle whale sharks! Our expert guide will not only support and guide you the whole way, but ensure you capture some unique moments as you swim with this gentle giant of the sea.

Free Dive with whale sharks, and be photographed alongside them in the wild.

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