• Will Bolsover, Chad

Our safaris to Chad

As a truly frontier safari destination, Chad does not offer the luxury accommodation, well-maintained infrastructure and wealth of protected areas that can be found in some other African countries, like Kenya or South Africa. What it does offer is a sense of true, raw wilderness, particularly in the country's oldest national park, Zakouma. This 3,000km2 park was home to more than 4,000 elephants in 2002, but years of intensive poaching reduced that number to no more than 450 by 2010.

This was the year that Zakouma was taken over by the South African NGO African Parks, and with the implementation of increased security measures, specialist ranger training, satellite collaring of wildlife and community outreach events, the park's fortunes have taken a decided turn for the better.

Over 500 elephants now live within the park’s borders – thought to be the largest herd in all of Africa - while the numbers of buffalo, giraffe, roan antelope and Lelwel’s hartebeest are also on the rise. Our mobile camping safari allows you to experience this success story in person, joining naturalist Richard Anderson as you venture through plains, wetland and acacia forest in search of Zakouma's prodigious wildlife.

Chad offers the intrepid traveller the chance to step outside of the norm and explore one of Africa's last true wildernesses.