• Western lowland gorilla in Central African Republic

The best time to go to the Central African Republic

The best time to go to the Central African Republic is July and October. Being a tropical rainforest, the conditions are hot and humid most of the time, but it can be cooler at night. The majority of the rain falls in the southwest region where the largest trees grow. The Dzanga Sangha Reserve experiences an average annual rainfall of 59 inches (1500 mm), and average temperatures range between 24 and 29°C or 75 and 84°F.

Those looking to combine the two countries in one safari need to also bear in mind that in order to  transfer between them by pirogue, river levels must be high with adequate flow to enable the transfer which menas we recommend travel between July to October.

The rainforest within Dzanga Sangha National Park offers explorers an equatorial climate with no pronounced summer or winter, which means there are generally opportunities for year-round travel. 

Lowland Gorilla in the Central African Republic

When to go by season

April to October

Rainfall occurs throughout the year, with precipitation averages higher between the months of April to October, particularly so between Aug and Oct/Nov, with June and July more traditionally known as the ‘short dry season’.

However, whilst these act as good guidelines, it does not guarantee that you will not experience rain outside of these months, as May for example is known as the ‘short rainy season’. However even when the average rainfall increases at this time of year, it does not rain every day and there are advantages; most excursions are conducted under the forest canopy so when it does rain you are protected. Clear skies make for excellent lighting conditions for wildlife photography in the Dzanga Bai and the rainforest is fruiting, so the lowland gorillas track well and are more easily visible as they search for food in the trees.

November to March

When the average rainfall starts to decline between the months of November and March wildlife viewing is generally good in the Dzanga Bai, and the lowland gorillas tend to spend more time on the ground in patches of forest. In particular, the best conditions tend to be between Januaary and February, but one should bear in mind that rainfall is still possible even during these times.

Western lowland gorilla in Central African Republic

Your Next Steps

View our Central African Republic safaris, or talk to one of our specialists for more details on travelling to Central African Republic. Please note we recommend a budget of from £7,000 / $10,000 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination.