• Mokoro Ride, Botswana

Discover the 'must do's and things to do in Botswana

There is luxury, and then there is Botswana luxury! Whilst East Africa is steeped in safari history and can claim to be the home of the Great Migration, Botswana can claim to be the home of safari luxury. With limited National Parks (which are open to the public), Botswana excels in privately owned concessions (which are not open to the public). 

These concessions lend themselves to only one or two lodges, limited vehicles, hundreds of thousands of hectares to roam, and strict regulations that result in an entirely exclusive safari experience. 

Aside from your normal game drives, we have listed below some of the more unusual and extraordinary things to see and do during your Botswana stay. 

Stanley's Camp, Botswana

elephant interaction and safaris

Interacting with Botswana's elephant herds makes for one of the most memorable Botswana experiences, and the best place to make these memories is at Abu Camp. You'll be able to spend your days here alongside these magnificent mammals, following them as they wade through the waterways and wilderness of the Okavango Delta. Game drives and water-based safaris can also be had during your stay here, but the experienced team at Abu Camp ensure that an emphasis is placed on exploring and learning about the ecosystem of the Okavango Delta while immersing oneself in the world of the elephant. Although not quite as interactive as Abu Camp, Baines' Camp and Stanley's Camp also offer educational experiences as you spend time with the Grey Matters Project. 

The Grey Matters Project is all about learning from our big grey friends as you walk with them through the bush, chat to their handlers, and spend an eventful lunch with them eating out in the wilderness!

Okavango Delta, Botswana
Okavango Delta, Botswana

safari by air

The Okavango Delta is stunning at the best of times, but experiencing it from the air and all that it has to offer is truly unforgettable. We are not talking about your standard charter small light aircraft flight from one camp to the next, we can organise your very own helicopter transfers. If you want to spend longer than a few minutes traversing the delta, then just let us know and we will tailor a half day or days game drive via your very own helicopter. For those keen photographers amongst you, believe us when we tell you that a ‘doors-off’ experience is the ultimate for that birds eye view of the Delta and all that it has to offer.

Flying safaris are a personal favourite of Managing Director, Will Bolsover. 
Mokoro Ride, Botswana
Botswana wildlife safari: Mekoro Ride

mokoro or river boat experience

Coming down off your high from your recent ‘safari by air’, take a step back and take time to appreciate your surroundings. There is no way better way to enjoy this than a tranquil mokoro ride along the gentle waterways of the Delta as you drift along, wildlife oblivious to your presence.

Mokoro rides are a fabulous, quiet and unobtrusive way to explore the Okavango Delta.

Botswana Makgadikgadi Pans Jacks Camp Local Tribe Walking Along Pans
Botswana wildlife safari: San people

walk with the bushmen

A cultural experience like no other. Spend time with the San Bushmen of the south. Based from one of only a few camps – the renowned Jack’s Camp or Kalahari Camp – spend your days out with these intelligent tribesmen as you learn their crafts and skills used in their everyday existence. 

  • Recommended accommodation: Jack's Camp
  • Location: Kalahari

Whether it be tracking the next meal, picking the local herbs or marvelling at the meerkats, time spent with the San tribe will no doubt be a highlight of any safari.

African sunset, Botswana
Chobe Chilwero Lodge, Botswana

chobe sunset cruises

Whilst Chobe National Park gets a hard time for being exactly that, a national park, it still has a huge amount to offer. With some of the largest elephant herds on the African continent and the dramatic Chobe River, this is a place that should be included on any itinerary. A highlight has to be a sunrise or sunset river cruise! Enjoy the tranquillity of the river as you drift along as crocodiles poke their heads up, elephants come down to drink and hippos wallow in the mud. If you are lucky, whilst you are supping that traditional sundowner you may even be lucky enough to see a herd of elephants snorkelling their way across the river – always a somewhat frenetic and unorganised affair.

River cruises are a highlight of your time in Chobe, spectacular at sunset.

Leopard, Botswana
Cheetah on a tree stump

meet the big cats of the moremi reserve

Moremi can often fall into the same bracket as that of Chobe, as it is an area that is accessible to the public including self-drives, and therefore visitor numbers are not limited as they are in the private concessions. Having said that, Moremi Reserve is home to some of the best big cat populations in Botswana. With regular water sources and located at the heart of the Okavango Delta, Moremi Reserve provides the perfect big cat habitat. One of the hotspots for these big cats and only accessible to the two camps that are located on it, is that of Chief’s Island. 

Due to its exclusivity as an island location, only Mombo Camp and Chief’s Camp are lucky enough to have access to this area home to some big cats that have featured in many a television documentary.

If any of these things to do in Botswana pique your interest, contact one of our Destination Specialists using the form below who can help curate your perfect itinerary. 


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