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Okavango Delta

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Okavango Delta

Encapsulating the heart of wild Africa with its evocative scenes of wildlife and natural beauty, a journey into the untouched Okavango Delta is one of jaw-dropping big game viewing, peace and tranquility. The delta itself is a beautiful fan-shaped wetland and labyrinth of islands and lagoons, all fed by the third largest river in Southern Africa – the Okavango. It has gradually developed and formed over the millennia by millions of tonnes of sand carried down the river from Angola, eventually forming the wildlife-rich oasis it is today.

Often referred to as the ‘jewel of the Kalahari', it seems truly extraordinary that the Okavango exists at all, deep within the arid Kalahari Basin. Flowing from Angola, it enters Botswana at Mohembo, before spilling into the delta. The annual floods occur, ironically, just after the rains in Botswana begin to ease, around April or May, at which time the floodwaters of the Okavango gather pace and breathe new life into the delta’s unique ecosystem.

Journeying through the delta - from wetland to dry-land - is a truly unforgettable experience. By motorboat, you can enjoy spectacular views from upper decks and perhaps spot fish eagles and watch the sun disappear on the horizon with a sundowner. Alternatively, ply through the atmospheric still waters by mokoro, a dugout canoe traditionally made of wood (nowadays usually fibreglass). The mokoro gently glide and meander through the clear waters, passing papyrus and palm covered islands and dense woodland.

Here the variety of birdlife you will see is impressive, particularly in the summer months, including colourful species like kingfisher and ibis.