Milly Costa

Zoology graduate Milly has travelled extensively and also has experience working in the conservation sector, now using her skills to support the Africa team by responding to enquiries and making top-notch itineraries.


A Bit About Me

I work as Sales Support for the Africa team, responding to enquiries, making itineraries and doing anything else to help the Destination Specialists send our clients on safaris to incredible destinations. I have a degree in Zoology, have worked in a couple of conservation charities and love everything wildlife and nature. When I first graduated I was itching to travel, having been in education for what felt like forever and ever. I went backpacking for a year which I thoroughly enjoyed and having now returned to my hometown of Brighton, I feel lucky to have found a job that encompasses my interests.


Q & A with Milly

Where have you travelled to in the last 12 months?

Slovenia, Romania and Portugal.

Where are you planning to travel in the next 12 months?

I am going to Austria in August to do some hiking in the Alps. In September I am going back to Portugal and then on to the Azores to explore the archipelago.

What is your first travel-related memory?

My first travel-related memory is probably being wound up by my two older brothers and younger sister in the car for two days, with no escape, whilst my parents drove us to Spain – not my most fond memory!

Aisle or window seat?

Has to be the window seat!

Do you have any travel habits or rituals?

Buying a pack of sweets to chew at take-off to stop my ears popping, but somehow managing to eat them all before the plane starts moving...

What are you most likely to splurge on while travelling?

Experiences and activities.

What’s your favourite thing about working at NWS?

It's great putting together tailor-made itineraries to some amazing locations for our clients. I also love being surrounded by such knowledgeable people – everyone has their own expertise – so I am always learning.

What do you like doing outside of NWS?

Dog walking in the countryside, exercising and keeping fit and going for nice food with friends. I have also recently started to make my own cards to sell which I really enjoy (and of course, travelling when I can)!

If you could do just one NWS safari, which one would it be?

This is a difficult one! Currently, either gorilla tracking in Rwanda/Uganda or Canada for the bears and beautiful scenery.

Is there a standout destination in your mind?

Heading back to South America to visit Patagonia is high on my list.

What is your best travel souvenir?

I rarely buy souvenirs, although I somehow seemed to come home with a lot of lucky coins from my travels in China. That aside, I much prefer taking a good selection of pictures to look back at.

What is the best travel advice you have received?

One I learnt recently – always bring a change of clothes in your hand luggage in case your bags get lost.

What is your spirit animal?

According to the Internet, I am a whale: “You have a strong inner voice, and always follow your own truth. Because you are so in touch with reality, you are self-aware and don't get involved in drama. You have strong bonds and emotional ties with those you love.”

What is your favourite thing about working/living in Brighton?

One of my favourite parts of living in Brighton is being surrounded by both the sea and countryside. Working in the centre of Brighton is great for exploring the countless cafés, bars, restaurants and shops.

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