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A bit about Harry

Having grown up in Brighton and returning after studying a Travel degree in Bournemouth University, I have been lucky enough to work in travel and experience travelling Asia extensively. I feel lucky to combine my hobby and something I have grown up with and translate this with my job. Being able to help others experience bucket list moments and memories they will remember in years to come makes working in travel the dream job for me.

My role at NWS combines my travel and working experiences to be one of our Destination Experts for Asia and I am here to help you design your Safari experiences to give you the best possible experience but also reflective of your own passion for wildlife and combinations which best suit you.

Q & A With Harry

What is your first travel-related memory?

Going on my first family holiday to Sydney during the 2000 Olympics . I can vividly remember taking a tour of the harbour on the Bounty, and bringing back Olympic merchandise to the UK as I filled in a scrapbook to show friends at school.

What is your most memorable wildlife encounter?

Seeing the Orangutans in Sepilok, Borneo in 2018 was one of the most memorable wildlife encounters I have had. From staying in the rainforest to seeing the conservation work which I had studied at university and later had been arranging trips for whilst working in the travel, marked a bucket list trip which was brought forward and one I still look back on the photos and memories of fondly.

If you could do just one NWS safari, which one would it be and why?

Any of the Polar regions safaris!! Having not visited and now very much on my bucket list, there are so many other places still to see however!

What do you like doing outside of NWS?

Having moved back to Brighton after spending extended time in Bournemouth and time out travelling, my week day evenings are spent either catching up with friends or spending time with family and the odd gym session. My weekends (depending on the time of year) Revolve around the seafront or countryside we have around Brighton with a quiet day around often greatly appreciated when possible! I’ll also spend my free time looking at destinations I want to see that year, which now revolve around meeting friends I have previously met scattered across the world – something which is so special to come out of travelling.

Why do you travel?

My Dad has always worked in the travel industry and coming from a childhood of being extremely lucky to travel from a young age. It has always been a part of my life and something I associate with so many happy childhood and now adult memories, with close childhood friends, making new friends and time spent family

My first drawing was of the old silver Virgin Atlantic plane where I wrote on next to the drawing that I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up – the drawing was terrible and one that would go on to sit on my Dads work desk for years ahead. The dream of a pilot faded, mainly due to how impatient I am to arrive at the destination the other side whilst on a plane! But my degree and career went on to follow on from my family link in travel. Quite simply travel is my hobby which I am lucky to have a career around and I decided that I would try and dedicate my life to seeing as much of it as I can and to help others who wish to do the same.

What do you love most about Asia?

The value you get back for the money you spend. For me, Asia is the best place on the planet in terms of giving you the most for your money. Whether that be the amazing variety of food which can be sampled across Asia, the accommodation you can experience for a very reasonable price and most importantly, the destinations themselves and diverse experiences you can have. Seeing the Orangutans in Borneo and my first safari experience of my life in Sri Lanka have marked two of my most key experiences with nature as well as trekking in rural Japan and seeing the Snow Monkeys memories and photos I still look at almost daily. The climate is variable but comfortable in Asia, with an abundance of some of the worlds most stunning beaches to combine to bucket list experiences – you can’t go wrong!

How many countries and continents have you visited?

I counted them the other day and I believe it stands at 43 countries and 5 continents – something I am incredibly grateful for.

Do you have any travel habits or rituals?

Book late and pack quick! I also try and take one key photo to accompany a written snapshot of a memory from each place I have visited.

What is your favourite souvenir from your travels?

There are a few… I have a coffee cup I use regularly with a bear shaped handle from my stay in Lake Morraine, Canada, I also really enjoy buying an item of clothing from the majority of countries but I have to say photos for me are always the best souvenir to capture a moment in time.

What's the farthest away from "civilisation" that you've been?

Trekking around Hakone in Japan felt a long way from home, half day hikes with not a person in sight to access a volcano were special moments – there was a giant spider along the way which reinforced that message!

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