A Bit About Me

Following a gap year spent in Australia and New Zealand, I read law at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth. In 1997, I abandoned my legal career and ran away to sea to crew on superyachts! Whether I was standing piracy watch in the Red Sea, navigating the Amazon River, dodging icebergs in the Southern Ocean or photographing during blizzards in Antarctica, there was never a dull moment.

The Africa bug bit hard on my first safari to South Africa in 2003 and has continued during subsequent trips to Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

I’m now looking forward to not sleeping on a roly-poly boat and working as an Africa Destination Specialist at NWS where I can pursue my love of travel and passion for wildlife photography. You can find some of my recent photos on my website, Ginny Scholes Photography.

Q & A With Ginny

Where have you travelled to in the last 12 months?

The Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica, and South Africa (Eastern Cape and the Karoo)!

Where are you planning to travel in the next 12 months?

Baja Mexico next week to photograph the whales and hopefully Antarctica later in the year.

What is your first travel-related memory?

Family holidays to visit my grandmother in Wales or the South of France and long car journeys with my brothers, arguing about who had to sit in the middle seat!

Aisle or window seat?

Definitely a window seat as I like to see where I’m going.

Do you have any travel habits or rituals?

Leaving packing until the last minute and generally taking far too much luggage!

What are you most likely to splurge on while travelling?

Street food and books from the areas that I’m visiting.

What’s your favourite thing about working at NWS?

Getting to learn about new travel destinations every day, talking about adventures off the beaten track and working with an amazing group of people.

What do you like doing outside of NWS?

I’m passionate about photography, particularly wildlife, and try and get out and take photos as often as I can, both at home and abroad. I love going for long walks in the Sussex countryside or by the sea.

If you could do just one NWS safari, which one would it be?

It has to be Emperor Penguins and the South Pole.

Is there a standout destination in your mind?

My favourite destinations are Africa and Antarctica, and I find it difficult to choose between the two.

What is your best travel souvenir?

My Kilimanjaro certificate from 2012 when I climbed the mountain via the Rongai route to raise funds for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and their orphaned elephants.

What is the best travel advice you have received?

“Collect memories, not things.”

What is your spirit animal?

According to a quiz it’s the hummingbird – which symbolises the enjoyment of life and lightness of being.

What is your favourite thing about working/living in Brighton?

I live in Eastergate, but working in Brighton is great because I get to explore all the quirky independent shops and huge variety of restaurants near to the office, and the beach is only a few steps away.

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