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Find out what an RSS Feed is and how to use them

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS feeds are often dubbed Really Simple Syndication and they are designed to be read by computers, not people. An RSS feed is basically a link that is updated every time the content on that page is updated, these updates can then be automatically sent through to you.

We have added an RSS feed to our blog, which means you can get our latest news, videos and images straight to your inbox or RSS news reader.

How do I subscribe to the Natural World Safaris RSS Feed?

To get started you will need to choose an RSS feed reader, or, if you are using Outlook, there is one inbuilt. You will then need to add the Natural World Safaris RSS URL to your reader. You will find this is quite self-explanatory when you download your RSS reader.

What is the Natural World Safaris RSS feed link?

The link you need to copy and paste into your RSS Reader is:


If you click the above link and you are using Internet Explorer, you can subscribe direct from the page. If you are using Google Chrome, it will just  look like a bunch of useless coding, but it is the URL you want, not the actual page.