M/S Sjoveien

about the M/S Sjoveien

Board the M/S Sjøveien in 2017 for a Svalbard journey of a lifetime. The M/S Sjøveien has been used as a hotel for the past few years but has now been renovated as a passenger ship. The key is in the detail of this stunning ship; with wooden decks and interiors, vintage elements and private bathrooms, one does not have to compromise on comfort while experiencing the icy waters of the Arctic.

Choose from a range of cabins to suit your style and budget.

M/S Sjoveien details


12-passenger ship renovated with classic styling and necessary facilities for your Svalbard expedition.


The M/S Sjøveien will set sail round the Spitsbergen Archipelago in 2017 to put you in the right place at the right time for maximum wildlife encounters. The view from the bridge will enable you to spot a plethora of Arctic wildlife.

Accommodation & Facilities

The M/S Sjøveien has been renovated with a range of accommodation options. Choose from twin and double rooms and upper and lower deck cabins with either windows or portholes. There is a large mess area, communal lounge and dining area where you will enjoy meals and lectures by your on-board guides.


Dining aboard the M/S Sjøveien is an all-inclusive affair with breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea and coffee being served each day.


Days will be spent aboard the ship exploring the icy waters of the Spitsbergen Archipelago in search of Arctic wildlife and, of course, the King of the Arctic! You will be able to use Zodiacs to discover more flora and fauna via shore landings and listen to interesting seminars and talks from your specialist Arctic guides. 

Child Policy

Children of 12 years and above welcome.

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