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About the Polar Inn And Suites, Churchill

The Polar Inn & Suites offers 25 simple yet comfortable rooms in a fantastic Arctic location near Hudson Bay in Churchill. This well-located hotel is the perfect base from which to encounter incredible wildlife such as polar bears, beluga whales and a variety of birds such as rock wren and Ross’s gull. During your time here you can go on whale-watching trips, go polar bear spotting or on birding tours.

Churchill is a town situated on the edge of the Arctic, whose focus is definitely on polar bears! They are on murals, souvenirs and there are even sculptures of these majestic beasts. 

Churchill is one of the rare spots in the world where you can spot polar bears in the wild and it also plays host to thousands of beluga whales throughout June, July and August.

Polar Inn and suites details


25 simple yet comfortable rooms and suites with ensuite facilities.


The Polar Inn & Suites hotel is located in Churchill, close to Hudson Bay and just five minutes walk from Churchill train station.

Accommodation & Facilities

Rooms at The Polar Inn & Suites are basic, yet comfortable, and are well furnished with double or king sized beds, televisions, clean ensuite bathrooms and seating areas. There are 4 larger one bedroom suites and kitchenette studios. One bedroom suites have separate lounges, and the kitchenettes have small fully equipped kitchen areas for those desiring a little more space. All rooms and suites have coffee-makers, refrigerators and Wi-Fi.  The rooms may not be the most luxurious, but they provide a comfortably location to sleep and relax after a day’s activities.

The hotel facilities are modest; there is a simple breakfast room, a small library, gift shop and 24-hour reception desk.


There is a simple breakfast room where you can enjoy your continental breakfast daily throughout your stay. 


There are plenty of Arctic activities available for you to enjoy in Churchill which will introduce you to the wildlife, culture and environment of this exciting destination. If you are staying between mid-June to August, you could go on a beluga whale-watching tour as the whales flock to the Churchill area during these months. These playful gentle giants are a pleasure to observe, and often swim just metres from the boat; a truly unforgettable experience! 

Alternatively, you may fancy heading in search of some of Churchill’s polar bears or going on an exhilarating dog sled ride with a pack of friendly fluffy huskies. Even if you are visiting during the warmer months, your chances of spotting polar bears are high, and dog sleds can be swapped for carts with wheels – all that is different is the landscape; instead of a thick snowy carpet you will be able to spot bursts of colour and life through all the wildflowers that bloom here. Churchill is also excellent for birding, as there are over 250 species that come here throughout the year on their annual migrations. 

For those wanting a cultural fix, you can book onto the Inuit Culture Programme, where you will learn about the Inuit lifestyle, history and clothing. There is also the chance to experience the spectacular Aurora Borealis (the northern lights) in this area; even on a warm summer’s night you can observe the phenomenon. Other options for your time here include exploring the town of Churchill and its shops, museums, restaurants and bars.

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