Antarctica in November

Spectacular ice formations, penguins on the snow and fascinating wildlife courtship rituals. This is an excellent time to travel, especially for great photos.

November weather & where to go

Right at the start of the season, November is an excellent month for your Antarctic expedition. As the continent emerges from its long dark winter, springtime brings with it a surge of life. Minke, southern right whales and humpbacks return to Antarctic waters to feed. Albatross and petrels can be spotted as the fly the Drake Passage while the comical blue-eyed shags also make their return to return to Antarctica.


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Landscapes are at their most pristine, still covered in sparkling snow while the sea ice is at its most impressive. It’s not just the landscape that is looking its best; penguins are busy courting, nest building and laying their eggs - they are arguably at their most entertaining with their antics. Penguins and seals can often be found on icebergs at this time of year.

It’s a great month for photographers; yet to move into 24 hour daylight, the lengthening days are concluded with fantastic evening light and beautiful rose coloured sunsets.


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