Antarctica in February

February weather & where to go

Late summer in Antarctica sees temperatures remaining relatively warm. The penguin chicks becoming more independent and venturing into the sea. Penguins begin to moult as they begin to prepare for the long winter ahead while sometimes aggressive fur seals are more abundant and line the beaches.

While it may not be the best time for the land based wildlife of Antarctica, whale watching in February is arguably at its best.

The migrating whale pods are all now back in Antarctic waters with sighting of numerous species of toothed whales and baleen whales, including the blue, sperm, orca, humpback, minke, and southern right whale. So this is an excellent time for anyone interested in seeing the magnificent and endearing whales in Antarctic waters.

For those wanting to explore further south, ice breaker ships are able to venture into the Weddell Sea, crossing the Polar Circle.

February is a great time for marine and whale enthusiasts, as well as those wanting to get to the South Pole.


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