Galapagos Island Honeymoons

Everything you need to know about Galapagos Island honeymoons...

Throughout our selection of Galapagos Islands honeymoons you’ll be indulging in your most romantic moments in one of the world’s most unforgettable destinations. 

In short, honeymoon plus Galapagos is a perfect match.


The notion of slipping away from the pressures of modern life by escaping to idyllic islands is lodged deeply in the human psyche. Throw in a regular supply of quality cocktails and the word ‘paradise’ comes to mind. For most of us, a honeymoon offers a once-in-a-lifetime shot at exactly this experience. The Galapagos Islands undoubtedly deliver on this dream with their 18 spectacular islands marooned in the middle of the Pacific. This alone would recommend it as a fantastic getaway for the newly hitched, but besides the sweeping beaches and subtropical temperament these magical islands also deliver one of nature’s most captivating spectacles: unique animals that have not learned to fear the approach of humans and therefore behave as if no-one is gawping at them from a distance of two feet. 

From giant tortoises to iguanas, sea lions, turtles, whales and a whole cast of quirky birds, the characterful creatures of the Galapagos are the closest an adult can get to wandering into a classic Disney cartoon.


A seven-day itinerary lazily looping around the islands should provide all of the highlights and the chance to hole up for lounging by the pool, sipping sundowners and some quality time spent spread-eagled on the sand. For the safari cruise, we’d recommend a launch with a more intimate capacity of 12-16 – and one that can provide suites with a private balcony and, if you so wish, a private Jacuzzi too. Those endeavouring to sail on a more stable platform can secure this and all of the privacy they wish on the Athala II or Ocean Spray catamarans. On dry land, the beachside Finch Bay Eco Hotel and Galapagos Safari Camp – both situated on the main island of Santa Cruz with its Tortoise Centre – offer two different ways to immerse yourself in the island idyll. 

Why not top or tail the experience with a trip into the sultry splendour of the Ecuadorian jungle?


January to May offer the warmest weather and the smoothest seas - but the risk of short, heavy showers keeps the prices down. Many companies organising trips to the Galapagos offer family departures. For a honeymoon, of course, these dates are best avoided: children may be the result of romance, but they certainly aren’t the cause. 

For further information on the best time to visit the Galapagos please visit our pages on when to go.


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