Jaguar House Boat

about jaguar house boat, taiama island

As the name suggests, Jaguar House boat is perfect for expeditions in search of elusive jaguars. Stay aboard for comfy accommodation and a stunning setting as you stay on this intimate ship with just 9 cabins, moored on the north side of Taiama Island.

The emphasis here is on finding this magnificent big cat and a majority of your time will be spent on rivers safaris in the Taiama Reserve and the channels.

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A comfortable and intimate house boat


Anchored on the north side of Taiama Island, access is via car from Cuiaba or Araras Lodge to a private embarkation point, from which it will take about 30 minutes by speed boat.

Accommodation & Facilities

Each of the 9 cabins has a private bath and air-conditioning. Cabins each have four beds but they are small, so the top bunk is usually used for luggage. In the case of a family staying, exceptions may be made so they can all stay in the same room. The dining room is air cooled and you will find a TV, sound system and bathroom on-board. There is a nice panoramic deck from which you can enjoy barbecues and lots of tables and chairs in the communal areas. Fishing tackle is kept hidden in the cupboard and there is draft beer available on tap.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served during your stay.


The Jaguar House Boat combines well with Araras Lodge and you will usually spend 2 to 3 days here scouring the area for jaguars. You can enjoy a spot of fishing too and keep you eyes peeled for other resident wildlife, including the jabiru stork.

Child Policy

Children over 12 years are welcome. A lot of your time will be spent searching for jaguars and there are no other facilities for children.

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