Small Group Safari

Great Migrations of the N.W Passage

A true expedition camp based in the remote Arctic north. Belugas, narwhals and polar bears are your neighbours on this unique journey.

Duration 8 days
Price From $13,025
When May - Jun 2018
Destination Arctic Canada

Safari Overview

Ice conditions, animal behaviour and weather play an integral part in determining the daily activities during your Arctic adventure. Due to the unpredictable nature of the icy environment, no two itineraries will be the same, and this is just an example of what you can do depending on your surroundings. However, this can be seen as the beauty of safaris in the Arctic; you can never predict exactly what you'll see, hear, or where you'll finally end up - a truly exhilarating experience!

What makes this trip extraordinary?

  • Stay in a safari-inspired base camp on the sea ice, close to the floe edge.
  • Snorkel or kayak alongside beluga and narwhal whales.
  • Track and see polar bears in their natural environment.
  • Spectacular flight over Baffin Island.

Watch for magnificent polar bears, the unique narwals and much more on this epic Arctic safari.

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Day by day

Day 1

Ottawa - Arctic Bay

Depart Ottawa and fly via Iqaluit to Nanisivik (Arctic Bay). This incredible flight is a wonderful way to start your adventure; fjords, vast expanses of ice and water and deep valleys unfold before you as you fly over spectacular Baffin Island, the largest in the Arctic Archipelago, to the adjacent Arctic Bay. Your leader will meet you at Nanisivik Airport, you will then have a welcome dinner and safety briefing, be introduced to the rest of the team and watch a presentation on the local sites and animals to get you excited for the adventures ahead!

Overnight: Arctic Canada D

Day 2

Arctic Bay

Today you will travel to your seasonal, safari-inspired base camp on the sea ice, close to the floe edge, using traditional Inuit transportation, a qamutik. Pronounced ‘Kam-oo-tick’, these wooden sledges are pulled along by snowmobiles and designed to flex and bend over the ice and snow as they travel to their summer camps. Admire the awe-inspiring panoramas and become enamoured by the contrasts of crystal white snow punctured by the towering red-hued St. Georges Cliffs 1000s of feet above you, home to nesting birds such as black-billed murres and kittiwakes. Arrive at your luxury base camp set directly on the sea ice and be welcomed by hors d’oeuvres prepared by the chef. After settling into your spacious quarters, feel free to wander and absorb the incredible mountains, ice and photogenic scenery that surrounds you.

Overnight: Arctic Safari Camp B, L, D

Day 3

Arctic Bay

Under the bright Arctic sun you will make your first venture to the floe edge, one of the most ecologically diverse areas of the Arctic. Enjoy your late lunch as you marvel at a sight seen by very few in their lifetime; the migration of the beluga and narwhal whales. If you have elected to snorkel, now is the time to don a dry suit and slide into the Arctic waters alongside the whales. Back on the shores, revel in your intimate encounter with these magnificent creatures as they pierce the glassy surface to exhale before diving down again to feed, perhaps even turning under the ice to look up at you, eye contact is a magnificent thing - an exchange of intrigue and understanding. We return past snow-capped peaks and through icy valleys to camp about 11pm under the light of the midnight sun as is keeps the skies clear, resting above the horizon.

Overnight: Arctic Safari Camp B, L, D

Day 4

Arctic Bay

Continuing south with the winds, following the sea ice and hiking a towering iceberg, you travel as close as possible to the floe edge, pulsating with incoming waves, in order to appreciate the power of the changing seasons. Breaking off a little ice from the iceberg, you will have the privilege of enjoying tea made from 1,000 year old ice – watching it crackle as the compressed air is released as it melts. Head back to camp in the early afternoon and have a relaxed evening enjoying a chef-cooked dinner.

Overnight: Arctic Safari Camp B, L, D

Day 5

Arctic Bay

The wind blows in lots of pack ice creating large contained pools of water where dozens of narwhals rest and occasional groups of belugas come through. While photographing the seemingly-always-smiling belugas, you may glimpse the massive ivory tusks of a pod of male narwhal as they swim by. Have lunch at the floe edge and watch as the whales travel up and down the edge in search of food. Relax with the guides as they tell you about traditional Inuit life and in the late afternoon, go to the rough ice where you can hike to a distant iceberg. You will walk around the iceberg taking photographs and marvelling at the spectacular formations of icicles that form and end in electric turquoise blue melt water pools.

Overnight: Arctic Safari Camp B, L, D

Day 6

Arctic Bay

Another magical day as you journey out to the floe edge and see hundreds of whales: belugas, narwhals and maybe even bowheads. Some guests choose to focus on surface photography while others snorkel or paddle out to spot a lone walrus on the floating pack ice. On your journey home, you may come across polar bear tracks or encounter a whale carcass left after an Inuit hunt, now attracting a hungry polar bear. You will have the chance to observe from a safe distance then return back to base camp and review your pictures in the lounge tent whilst celebrating the day’s successes with a toast during dinner.

Overnight: Arctic Safari Camp B, L, D

Day 7

Arctic Bay

Travel back to gateway town via snowmobile and qamutik to explore the local community; visit soap stone carvers and intriguing sod houses or even watch seal skin being stretched.

Day 8

Arctic Bay - Ottawa

Depart the gateway community of Arctic Bay for your flight back to Ottawa and then catch your onward flights home.

Trip Details

Dates and Prices

This is a small group safari departing on set dates. Mandatory charter flights are from £3,195 per person.

2018 Departures  Trip Price Polar Clothing Package Price Maximum Group Size
May 30 - June 6 From £10,250 per person Free 14*
June 6 - 13  From £10,250 per person £425 14
June 13 - 20 From £10,250 per person £425 14

Trip price excludes international flights.

Polar clothing packages are optional.

*Please note that the May 30 - June 6 departure is not confirmed to take place until 6 places have been filled.

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