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8 Days
Year Round
Galapagos Islands
Small Group or Tailor-Made
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8 Days £6500 Year Round Galapagos Islands Small Group or Tailor-Made
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Southern Galapagos Adventure

A beautiful journey through the southern Galapagos Islands on the M/Y Grace, including Española Santa Cruz & more.

Experience the highlights of this enchanting natural wonder that combines exotic volcanic landscapes with unflinching and unique wildlife. You will cruise the southern islands of the archipelago whilst enjoying the consummate luxury of the exquisite MY Grace. Meet the famous Galapagos tortoise; watch blue-footed boobies dance and swim with ever playful sea lions.


What makes this trip extraordinary

  • Small, intimate ship with room for just 18 passengers in nine cabins.
  • Explore some of the most beautiful, wildlife-rich areas of the Galapagos Islands.
  • Swim, snorkel and kayak with playful sea lions, marine iguanas or green sea turtles.
  • Spend your days relaxing on board the boutique style ship named after Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco, the M/Y Grace.

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A luxurious 8 day safari exploring the southern Galapagos Islands

from $8,288 per person sharing excluding international flights

Day by day

Day by day

Day 1

Arrive Galapagos Islands

After lunch on board, begin cruising to your first visitor site, Isla Lobos. Isla Lobos, translated as Sea Lion Island, lives up to its name due its noisy population of these rowdy barking beasts. Here is your first chance to go swimming with these playful creatures. You will end your first day with a visit to Kicker Rock, a spectacular formation that rises 152 meters (500 feet) out of the ocean. It resembles a sleeping lion, but from another angle you can see that the rock is split. Return on board for a welcome cocktail and dinner.

Overnight: M/Y Grace (L, D)

Day 2

Española Island

Española Island, also known as Hood, is the southernmost island of the Galapagos archipelago and is perhaps one of the most popular due to the huge diversity and number of fauna that reside here. After breakfast you have the opportunity to visit Punta Suarez where you will witness the largest variety of marine iguanas in the Galapagos. Other wildlife you may encounter includes Nazca and blue-footed boobies nesting along the cliff’s edge and the well-known waved albatross. In the afternoon you will visit Gardner Bay, a spectacular white sandy beach where colonies of sea lions lounge in the sun, sea turtles swim in the turquoise waters and curious mockingbirds bravely investigate new arrivals.

Overnight: M/Y Grace (B, L, D)

Day 3

Floreana Island

In the afternoon you will hike to the Asylum of Peace, the site of an artesian spring, one of the few year-round sources of fresh water in the Galapagos. In the afternoon, visit Punta Cormorant which offers two contrasting beaches; an olive green beach and an iron-red beach. Between the two is a salt lagoon frequented by numerous birds including flamingos, stilts and pintails. In the late afternoon we head to the tiny islet known as Champion, considered one of the top snorkelling sites the Galapagos which offers prime underwater sea lion interactions.

Overnight: M/Y Grace (B, L, D)

Day 4

Santa Cruz Island

Keep your eyes peeled for the famous Darwin finches and land iguanas in the bushes. Lava flows that bisect the shore and pierce the water form black reefs where you will enjoy some excellent snorkelling late in the morning. In the afternoon you are off to the Fausto Llerena Centre. This centre receives about 7,800 visitors a month and currently houses 925 youth and 70 adult turtles. It has been the primary centre for the Galapagos Tortoise Breeding Project. This project, which began in the 1970s, has been an incredible success in aiding the repopulation of Galapagos giant tortoises.

Overnight: M/Y Grace (B, L, D)

Day 5

Santa Cruz & Chinese Hat Island

In the afternoon head north to Chinese Hat Island, or ‘Sombrero Chino’. The reason behind the name will become apparent as soon as you see its unusual shape.   Your next site is off limits to larger groups and day boats, making it one of the least visited sites in the central islands: a tiny crescent shaped cove with a sandy white beach cradled between black lava rocks and the crystal turquoise waters of the channel. A sea lion colony usually likes to rest on the warm white sands, while the rockier sections of the coast are alive with fiery coloured sally lightfoot crabs. Marine iguanas sun themselves atop the rocks after foraging for algae in the channel.

Overnight: M/Y Grace (B, L, D)

Day 6

Rabida Island & Santiago Island

A yellow saltwater lagoon is found behind the reddish beach, where vast numbers of brightly coloured pink flamingos can be seen lazing around male sea lions that have been ousted from their groups. A little later in the morning there is a snorkelling opportunity along the rocks among sea lions and tropical fish.   In the afternoon, visit Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island. It is one of the most outstanding volcanic sites in the Galapagos. Since the Sullivan Bay Flow over, only a few plants like Mollugo and Lava cacti have managed to take root in this harsh environment. Oystercatchers can often be seen fishing for crabs and molluscs in the tide pools of Sullivan Bay. After exploring the lava flow, there is an opportunity for swimming and snorkelling with playful sea lions off two small coraline beaches.

Overnight: M/Y Grace (B, L, D)

Day 7

Bartolome & North Seymour Island

After lunch, visit North Seymour Island, a popular nesting site for frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies. The island was lifted from the ocean floor by seismic activity, and its origins as a seabed give the island its low, flat profile. This island is teaming with life! You might have to give way to a passing sea lion or marine iguanas. Blue-footed booby nests rest beside the trail where mating pairs perform their quirky courtship dance. A tiny forest of silver-grey Palo Santo trees stand just above the landing, usually without leaves, waiting for the rain to bring them into bloom.

Overnight: M/Y Grace (B, L, D)

Day 8

Depart Mosquera Islet

Today your Galapagos cruise comes to an end, but before you bid farewell to the M/Y Grace you may have the time to visit Mosquera Islet, located between North Seymour and Baltra. It is one of the smallest Islands resulting from an uplift of sand and is made up of coral reefs and rocks. It boasts one of the largest sea lion colonies in the Galapagos archipelago. There are occasional reports of orca whales seen praying on the sea lion colony. It is also home to numerous sea birds making it an excellent site for observing shorebirds. Finally, return to the airport for your flight back to the Ecuadorian mainland.



This is a set departure but can also be tailored to your specifications or joined with a wildlife safari. Please enquire for set departure dates.



A tailor-made safaris is one designed specifically for you, around your taste, budget, people travelling, interests and more. This itinerary is just an example and can be refined and changed to make it perfect for you

Galapagos by Caron Steele - Flamingo

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