Short Gorilla Tracking Safari in Rwanda

Two opportunities to track the mountain gorillas of Rwanda from your base in the foothills of the Virunga Volcanoes.

Duration 4 Days
Price From $1,771
When Year Round
Destination Rwanda

Safari Overview

This safari is perfect for anyone who is limited on their time in Rwanda, or as a combined safari with another East African destination. Head straight to Volcanoes National Park where you will have two days to track the magnificent mountain gorillas. On heading back to Kigali, take some time to visit the Genocide Memorial Museum before relaxing in preparation for your flight home.



What makes this trip extraordinary?

  • Track the mountain gorillas of Rwanda twice, spending up to an hour with them each time.
  • Scenic drives to Lakes Bulera and Ruhondo.
  • City tour of Kigali and a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre for those that wish.
  • Great experiences in a short amount of time.


A great safari for those on limited time. Track the gorillas twice in a safari that lasts just 4 days!

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Day by day

Day 1

Kigali - Volcanoes

Each mountain possesses its own unique character and silhouette, but together they form one of the most isolated and visually dramatic ecosystems in the world. A 'true island in the sky', the Volcanoes National Park (established in 1925) was Africa's first, and it was granted status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The park is home to some of the world’s few remaining Mountain Gorilla, which were first studied here in 1959 by George Schaller, and through the 1960's by Dian Fossey and her colleagues.

Days 2-3

Volcanoes National Park

The gorillas are by no means tame, and are completely wild animals. However, experienced guides will accompany you on your gorilla tracking, many of who have been involved in the habituation process themselves. The guides will use their knowledge of the gorillas' habits and information from the previous day to locate the group's whereabouts.

Because of this, the time taken to track the gorillas varies enormously, from as little as half an hour to as much as 9 hours before one returns to camp. Once the gorillas are located, your group will be allowed a maximum of one hour with them. This is one of the world's truly memorable experiences - a look into one of these magnificent creatures' eyes brings home the bond that exists between them and us. It also brings home the poignant fact that they are on the edge of extinction, and that your presence here contributes to ensuring their continued survival. The hour is often over all too quickly, and you slowly make your way back to your lodge to recount the day's adventures.

On the first afternoon, there may be an opportunity to visit with the local communities or take a drive out to the scenic Lakes Bulera and Ruhondo. On the second afternoon, you transfer back to Kigali.

Day 4

Depart Kigali

This morning you take a city tour of Kigali, and for those who wish to, there is the opportunity to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre. The Centre in Kigali was created by a joint partnership of the Kigali City Council and the UK-based Aegis Trust. It contains a permanent and extremely moving exhibition of the Rwandan genocide and an exhibition of other genocides around the world. You then relax for the rest of the day to prepare for your flight out.

Trip Details

Dates and Prices

This safari is tailor-made and can be changed to meet your specific requirements including your preferred number of days, dates of travel, standard of lodges and budget. It has been designed for those with limited time in Rwanda, however it can easily be extended or preceded with some beach time or a wildlife safari in Kenya or Tanzania. Please note that the cost of this safari does not include gorilla permits, which are priced at £2,400 for two permits.

About Tailor-made Safaris

A tailor-made safaris is one designed specifically for you, around your taste, budget, people travelling, interests and more. This itinerary is just an example and can be refined and changed to make it perfect for you.


We currently offer short 4-day or 5-day gorilla tracking safaris in four destinations: Rwanda, Uganda, the DRC and the Republic of Congo. To find out which trip is the one for you, click here to view our detailed guide that outlines the different experiences offered by each safari.

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