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Doug Allan

About Doug Allan, Wildlife Photographer and Cameraman

Doug Allan spent seven years in Antarctica as a research diver, scientist and photographer for the British Antarctic Survey, before changing direction to full time freelance filming in 1983. Since then he has become one of the world’s best known and respected cameramen. 

Doug specialises in natural history, expeditions and science documentaries in some of the wildest and most remote places on our planet, particularly the polar zones.

In his 30 year filming career, he's worked for the BBC, Discovery, National Geographic and many others, filming for series like The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Ocean Giants, Operation Iceberg, Wild Cameramen at Work and Forces of Nature.

Doug has also been involved recently in projects that reflect his deep concern about climate change and conservation, particularly how these issues impact on marine mammals. With over 40 years first hand experience of the poles, he has witnessed first hand the effects of the change in sea ice cover on the populations of sea mammals north and south. For the US based Living Oceans Foundation, he has filmed scientists charting the threats to some of the world’s most remote coral reefs. What he’s seen reinforces his determination and commitment to raise awareness of this global issue through his speaking engagements.

Doug’s photographic awards include eight Emmys and five BAFTAs  He has twice won the underwater category in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and has four Honorary Doctorates in recognition of his camerawork, as well as two Polar Medals. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and the Royal Photographic Society.

Following publication of his book, Freeze Frame – a Wildlife Cameraman’s Adventures on Ice, in 2012, he has also had four highly successful tours of UK venues with his presentations Life Behind the Lens and In the Company of Giants.

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