Eilo Elvinger, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Safari; Interview with Eilo

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Eilo Elvinger

31 Aug 2017

We caught up with Eilo after her trip to Zimbabwe

1. What made you choose Zimbabwe?

What hooked me was how the trip was described as ‘off the beaten track’ and ‘hardly explored’. What I always look for in a trip is to be off the track with as few people as possible - ideally by ourselves.

Even though the trip was booked with quite short notice, we hadn't been planning to go, so it was really spontaneous!

2. What were your main trip highlights?

My main highlights of the trip were the Chilojo Cliffs, Chivilia Falls and the baobab forest. I am very fond of baobab trees and, when you have them all together in a forest, it really is something! I do regret the fact we didn't have much time to stay in that area.

 Eilo Elvinger, Zimbabwe

3. What was your favourite activity?

I loved being out at sunrise and sunset. The light was always so beautiful and looks almost unreal.

4. What was your favourite accommodation?

The best accommodation was the fly camping! I wouldn't change anything. We absolutely loved it - the fact that we had no electricity and no connection, we were really by ourselves in the middle of the wilderness and nature. You also don't have to do any of the uncessary things like getting dressed and undressed or checking your phone. You are submersed in the experience.

We could hear and smell everything. We could feel a lot of things. I, for instance, had my the side and front door of my tent open, with only the mosquito net down. I could see the  stars of the night through the doors - it was beautiful. 

 Eilo Elvinger, Zimbabwe

5. Can you explain your trip in three words?

Dive into nature.

6. Do you have any final thoughts about your trip?

I have only one concern - the baobabs are very much damaged by the elephants who eat the trunks of the trees. The elephants also eat the young baobabs, meaning they do not have a chance to survive alongside the elephants. How can one protect the trees from the elephants? They have lived together for so long but it is now out of proportion. I would like to try and do something to make a difference here.


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