Wildlife Activity in the Masai Mara

Kate Waite

23 Jun 2014


A Wildlife update from Governor's Camp

Our friends at the lovely Governors Camp in Kenya have been keeping us up to date with wildlife sightings. Located inside the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya the camp properties are in the heart of some of the best wildlife viewing areas. 

Every year, one and a half million wildebeest make the long journey from Tanzania to the fresh green grasslands of the Masai Mara in the Great Wildebeest Migration Already, there are thousands of wildebeest on the plains around the camps.

The Marsh pride of lion have been spending their time close to the airstrip. With the arrival of the wildebeest along with vast numbers of zebra and gazelles there is plenty of food they don't have to move far for a meal. Some of the youngsters have been a bit naughty stealing chocks from beneath the planes.

Big crocodiles wait on the river banks for wildebeest crossings.

Zebras begin to build up ready to cross the Mara River.

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