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David Newsome

02 Sep 2015

A childhood dream ...

A childhood dream ...

As a boy I collected the Brooke Bond Tea Card Series and their albums. Two of the series showcased African Wildlife and Tropical Birds. The illustrations of gorilla, chimpanzee, African fish eagle and shoebill fired up my imagination! I dreamed of seeing these animals in the wild. Although I have been to Africa many times over the last 41 years I knew that Uganda held the treasure I was after!  So in mid-2014 I planned a trip to East Africa. In a sense, I had waited 54 years to see gorillas, chimpanzees and East African birds in the wild.I investigated the options of who could deliver the optimal experience and found the programme offered by NWS. 

So in July 2015 along with excellent tour guiding, splendidly located lodges and the hospitality of the Ugandan people I spent time in the company of gorillas and chimpanzees, saw tree climbing lions and observed many birds, including the incomprehensible shoebill.

It’s interesting to note that despite the warnings of some friends and even my GP that the trip was too risky, along with negative government travel advisories, I felt safer in Uganda than I would at night in an average world city! So I recommend that you check out the NWS safari website, give them a ring or even ask them to call you, so that you can indeed experience the extraordinary!

If you want to encounter wildlife in Uganda as David did, please do get in touch!

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