Our Uganda Safari Adventure

Mike & Pattie Callahan

03 Oct 2013


Uganda Safari Review

Dear N.W.S,

We would like to thank you for setting up a WICKED COOL adventure, everyday was new and different. So many highlights. The chimps at Ngamba Island, or the day we were standing looking at rhinos - that was amazing. Maybe seeing our first lion. But then their were many more to be seen. The Lion research  project was very interesting and a great day. They work very hard, trying to save the wild life. 

We loved the 2 chimpanzee treks we did, saw more that we had hoped for. And the guides were great. We did 2 great boat tours. We saw hippos, crocks and more birds that you could count. On every safari drive we did, there was something, like elephants walking across the road and he stopped and posed right next to the Gorge sign. Nice... Or when the giraffes stopped to look at us. That was funny. Can’t tell you how many other animals we saw on our way from place to place, but we saw A LOT.   

We also went horseback riding with everything out there. To be that close. Fun...We went on 2 gorilla treks and both times we saw many gorillas. I have to say my wife's favorite time was when the silverback came out of the bush and sat 2 ft. away from her. She was thrilled.



We went to visit the hospital at Bwindi and the lady's at Ride 4 A Woman, they do such great work and need help. Also the villages and the people we met were wonderful and so nice. We will try to help how ever we can. We have to say our friend John who was with us from start to finish was the BEST and he new everybody. NOW WE KNOW JOHN... We have to thank EVERYONE at every lodge we stayed at. We enjoyed talking to YOU ALL. And we met nice people from all over the world. That was fun. But special Thanks to the staff at Bwindi Lodge for the birthday party for Pattie.

Thanks again and keep traveling..

Mike & Pattie

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