Tracking the Mountain Gorilla Families and Other Wildlife of Rwanda and Uganda

Becky Ramage

09 Jun 2017

Trekking after mountain gorilla families in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda, with Fernando as the lead guide, made for the most exciting beginning of my trip.   Also, the short hike to Dian Fossey’s last place of residence, her Mausoleum, which held her grave along with the graves of numerous mountain gorillas, was an excellent introduction to understanding how important it is for human beings to protect the gentle, loving mountain gorillas who are all herbivores.

I enjoyed two treks after visiting the gorilla families in the Virunga Mountains.  My driving safari through the Queen Elizabeth National Park was fantastic because my driver, Davis Tushabe stopped his jeep and allowed me to video and photograph lionesses and their cubs languishing on tree limbs in the shade, giraffes, African elephants and their families walking or standing whilst eating grass or leaves off of tree branches, wart hogs, water buffalo, hyenas with cubs nursing from their mother, wild birds, and other wildlife grazing on the fields.

The 3 hour time with habituated mountain gorilla families in Uganda, the 2 hours with rhinoceroses in Uganda, the 4 hours with chimpanzees and other monkeys in Uganda, and the boat ride to Murchison Falls were all spectacular. The luxury boat cruise on Lake Albert and through to Lake Edward affords numerous sightings of water buffalo, hippopotami, crocodiles and wild birds everywhere on cliffs, flying into the water in order to catch fish, and sitting on water buffalo and hippopotami whilst picking off and eating bugs from their backs.

During all of these adventures, you can take as many pictures and videos as you like, and ask the driver of the boat as many questions as you like.  The driver, who was the guide, served cold drinks and hors’d’oeuvres during the boat cruise.

During my 3 weeks in Rwanda and Uganda, I was able to photograph and video wildlife in their natural habitat, and what I learned about the wildlife and the people who live in Rwanda and Uganda will stay with me forever.


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