The Serengeti in February

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24 Feb 2015

What is there to see in the serengeti in february?

Each year, East African populations of blue wildebeest have a long distance migration. While it logically runs in conjunction with rainfall and related grass growth, their movement can vary dramatically among both the dry and wet seasons. Driven by availability of food and quality of water, the wildebeest endure a challenging annual journey across the Serengeti. To an observer, it may look chaotic and frenzied but the principle of ‘swarm intelligence’ allows the herd to overcome significant hurdles including river crossings and defence against numerous predators. They can also reach speeds of up to 50mph at full speed!

A lot is made of “when” the great migration is, the truth being that it is a fluid entity and as the name suggests is moving, all the time. Whilst the focus is commonly on the famous river crossings of the northern Serengeti as the herd move their way towards Kenya’s Maasai Mara, for the safari connoisseur who would like to see the migration at a different stage, there are many options when visiting the Serengeti in February.

One option is to join the herd and its predatory entourage at their southern most point when they reach the vast Ndutu Plains area. Naturally it is impossible to be exact with the timing of the herd’s arrival in Ndutu, but if their movement unfolds as expected, February could be the best month to visit to see this in action.

In complete contrast to the concentrated energy and the mass of wildlife that define the river crossings of the north, the key feature of the migration in Ndutu is the giant herd spreading out across the plains, preparing to give birth. This also creates the perfect environment for the abundant predators to focus on the youngest members of the herd, so is an excellent opportunity to view the big cats among others in action, as they make the most of the rich pickings on offer.

Despite not receiving the legendary status that the north receives, as an area from which to view what is certainly one of nature’s most magnificent events, Ndutu offers an experience that is just as thrilling, if not more so. Many of the finest mobile camps in the Serengeti National Park make this area their base throughout this season and this is testament to the quality of experience that is on offer at this time of year.


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