The BBC Series Patagonia Earth's Secret Paradise

Hannah Champion

23 Oct 2015

Patagonia wildlife

Patagonia wildlife

Here at NWS we have been captivated by the beautiful scenery and images of some of the lesser known wildlife residing in South America’s wilderness.

From maras to guanacos and even desert-dwelling penguins Patagonia really does offer a whole new wildlife experience for safari enthusiasts.Although Chile’s pumas are notoriously elusive it’s not impossible to spot these fascinating creatures on our Puma Tracking Safari

Earlier this year, journalist Sue Watt packed her warm-weather gear and headed south in the hope of discovering these big cats in Torres del Paine National Park. Thanks to Sue’s Twitter updates during her journey and her glowing feedback on her return we know that she saw not one, but four pumas in one day on her safari!

Each day you have the chance to head out with an expert tracker and guide in search of the region’s wildlife. Even while waiting to spot the animals, the breath-taking scenery will astound you. Your accommodation is located on the doorstep of Salto Chico Waterfall and, of course, Torres del Paine so you won’t have far to go to start your safari! After your day’s excitement relax in the open-air Jacuzzi with a stunning view. 

Unlike other puma safaris, our particular trip offers an itinerary taking place Chile’s winter - the best time for sightings - meaning you can track the puma footprints in the snow; a truly unique experience. As the weather is perhaps less favourable at this time, parks remain quiet creating the ideal environment for seeing pumas in the wild.

Not only is Chilean Patagonia famous for pumas, it is also one of the gateways to Antarctica and this sub-Antarctic island. This means it can easily be added as an extension to your polar expedition giving you the chance to experience penguins in a completely different environment. See if you can spot the differences between the black and white Magellanic and Humboldt penguins.

If you’ve been inspired by the BBC’s amazing footage, speak to our Destination Specialists for more information on our Patagonia experiences.

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