Tantalize Your Inner Tarzan in Borneo

Jessica Tiffin

13 Jun 2014

get back to nature

get back to nature

If you’re after a taste of the real Borneo and dose of adventure that will tantalise your inner Tarzan, then head to Mikis’ Jungle Camp.  Set in the foothills of the highest mountain in South East Asia and the virgin rainforest of Kinabalu National Park, the camp is owned and protected by the legend that is Mister Sadib Miki. Miki is a bit of a local Mowgli, growing up in the jungle and learning how to survive from nothing but the gifts it provides. 

He learnt these ancient survival skills from his grandfather who passed down this knowledge through generations. 

Miki’s Jungle camp is an eco-tourism project which stops the land from being used for commercial purposes and provides the local communities with an income, as well as preserving the fresh water sources that stem from the mountain and feed all the local villages and wildlife. He has such a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with anyone who shows an interest, and it’s incredible how much you will take away from the experience. He’ll show you how nature provides fresh drinking water and vessels from bamboo, and food in the form of edible fruits and insects, and how to make blow pipes and animals traps to catch your dinner and build a fire to cook them on. And if you’re sick or injured, Miki knows exactly which plants will help!

The inspirational stories from this modern world maverick puts our typical western lifestyle and its reliance on production lines, packaged food and ‘big pharma’ to shame. The skills Miki teaches, and message he conveys, will leave you with a new found respect for mother earth and a yearning to burn all your belongings in favour of owning nothing but a pocket knife and pair of bamboo fashioned flip flops!

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