Svalbard Polar Bear Safari Feedback

Diane Duncan

30 Jul 2014

Diane Tells all about her Svalbard Polar Bear Safari

Diane Tells all about her Svalbard Polar Bear Safari

I am not sure how many polar bears the other ship saw--but we had hordes. Ty spotted the first one on day three, just a bobbing head in the water quite far away. After that we had one to four bears a day. All sorts. Lazy bears, one on the ice with a recent seal kill, a mother with two cubs, another on the ice, and then another. The mother decided to hop in the water with her cubs to swim to the walrus beach. The expedition staff were reconnoitring onshore, and due to the glare of the sun, did not see the bears at first. We were shouting from the ship--all staff had their sprint test that day! The mother bear was perhaps 30 feet from the last staff member who jumped aboard the Zodiac. She was uninterested in humans. Hadleigh claimed it was because he had not washed his base layers in four days.

We had reindeer, walrus, foxes, kit foxes. A mother fox grabbing a little auk to feed her three fox kits. A BBC crew filming "The Hunt". More reindeer. Great birds including a diver and a long tailed skua. Geese and ducks with little ones. Ny Alesund was nifty.

The ice was AMAZING. Bright blue ice calving--the kayakers had to paddle for their lives. A great day above 80 degrees complete with bear, harp seals, and a polar plunge.

The food was great, and the people--though the kids thought them "old"--were 95% people you would want as friends. The staff had great people skills and as well, great knowledge. I gave them five stars, which I never do. Not everything was perfect - but we did not get trapped in polar ice, saw a lot of wildlife, and truly had a great experience.

This was a top, memorable, once in a lifetime experience that my children will never forget.

The Natural World Safari team have been so great to work with – we will contact you again for the next adventure! It was so much better than a commercial cruise. I would give you and your firm six stars out of five.

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