Svalbard 2017 Trip Photos

Simon Jeavons

06 Jun 2017


photos from our first 2017 expedition 

Our first charter of 2017 has recently returned from exploring the icy waters of Svalbard, witnessing stunning glacial landscapes, arctic foxes, walruses and polar bears, the undisputed 'Kings of the Arctic'. Sailing aboard the M/S Freya, our expert guides Ronald Visser and Annette Scheepstra have captured some spectacular images of their high Arctic adventures, and we have assembled a selection of our favourites below.

We are already planning our Svalbard charters for next year, so get in touch with our polar specialists if you would like to join Ronald and Annette or any of our other expert guides, including wildlife TV presenter Kate Humble, NatGeo photographers Andy Mann and Keith Ladzinski, and award-winning wildlife photographers Shannon Wild and Russ MacLaughlin, for your own expedition to the far north.


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serena ward

6/6/2017 9:35 PM

Fab photos! and can't wait til I go there in 2 weeks with NWS ;-) hope I'm as lucky with my sightings!

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