Supporting the Sun Bear

Jessica Tiffin

23 Jan 2014


Borneo Sun Bear Conservation

The smallest among bears, Sun Bears live in the forests of South East Asia and are so named for their bib-shaped patch on their chests, which legend says represents the rising sun. Also referred to as Dog Bears due to their short muzzle, these unusual bears boast exceptionally long claws for climbing and tongues for extracting food like honey and insects.

Sadly, like most endangered species the Malayan Sun Bear is at risk due to reduced habitats and poaching. They are taken from the wild for their meat, as exotic pets and for traditional medicine purposes, some even suffering the unspeakably horrific process of bile-farming.

Here at Natural World Safaris we are really proud to support the newly opened Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre. The sanctuary is designed to raise awareness and encourage research into the survival of this amazing animal. For each of our small groups that visit the centre in Borneo we will donate US$100 to the centre but best of all you’ll be guided through by local Sun Bear expert Mr Siew Te Wong.

If you’d like to visit Borneo and support the delightful Sun Bear we are on hand as always to build you the perfect trip. If you’d like a little more inspiration see our small group itinerary where you can stay in the remarkable Borneo Rainforest Lodge taking in the sights and sounds of the jungle along the canopy walkway after a day of visiting with orangutans, sun bears and much more. 

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