Our Incredible Epic Flying Safari Featured in Telegraph Ultratravel

Arabella Worthington

22 Sep 2015

The best of Africa

One of our favourite trips, Epic Flying Safari, has recently been featured in a six-page spread in the Telegraph Ultra Travel magazine. Journalist Lisa Grainger wrote a fantastic article about her journey from Zimbabwe to Kenya (the second half of the safari) discovering Africa from a whole new angle.

Having grown up in Zimbabwe, Grainger is particularly fond of this diverse continent, however, even she felt her epic journey through the air gave her a fresh perspective on what each country had to offer.  From weathered mineral cliffs in Zimbabwe to the dazzling aquamarine reefs of Mozambique she encountered an abundance of wildlife, luxury camps and sumptuous fresh seafood along the way.

Luca, the expert pilot for this extraordinary journey, explains “the joy of this trip is that there is no real flight path. If we want to go low and see something, we can”. He is not only the pilot, however, he is also a guide and conservationist and, along with his wife Antonella, runs the Campi Ya Kanzi in Kenya, the final stop on this trip. Having this expert knowledge throughout the safari ensures clients are in the right place at the right time to maximise wildlife encounters and also that they learn copious amounts of information about each of the places they visit.

Want a taster of this incredible experience? Check out the video below:


Lisa’s article really brings the African landscapes to life as she describes the scenery, wildlife, lodges, food, activities and more:

“The sun has just risen as we take off and soar over the silvery, rippling waters of the Shire River, in which fishermen are already casting their nets from dugout canoes and in which elephants swim, white egrets perched on their backs.”

Although much of the accommodation throughout is very comfortable and impressive, what is most important is the experiential luxury of this safari. From the shores of Lake Malawi to the Tanzanian bush you know you are going to be placed within minutes of remarkable scenery and awe-inspiring wildlife. Not only will you encounter the famous Big 5 but also marine life and of course plenty of quintessential African antelope!

As you can imagine, availability is strictly limited due to the small capacity of the Cessna 206 used on this safari. If this sounds like your dream trip, please do get in touch to have a chat with Arabella, our sales manager to find out further details about the trip and availability. 

Read Lisa's full article in Telegraph Ultra Travel.

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