Namiri Plains Tanzania Review

Arabella Worthington

06 Aug 2014

Big Cats at Namiri Plains

Namiri Plains is the Serengeti National Park’s newest luxury camp; it is certainly one of the most exciting to open in recent years. For the last twenty years the Namiri Plains area has been completely closed to public access in order to create a safe haven for cheetah breeding and specifically allow Frankfurt Zoo to complete a focused study on the areas extremely high population of cheetah. The camp itself is of the highest quality as you can see from the photos, however, the first thing that strikes you about Namiri Plains is how remote it is. This really is classic Serengeti scenery with far stretching plains punctuated by the occasional kopje or patch of woodland. The key thing here is that this is the only camp in the area and as such this combination of classic scenery and genuine wilderness is extremely hard to beat almost anywhere else in Tanzania.

Quite simply if it is cat’s you are after then Namiri is among the best out there. Just on the drive in to the camp I was lucky enough to come across two cheetah stalking gazelle across the plains and most unusually of all a caracal! For those of you are not familiar with this rare cat it is also known as a “desert lynx” and both myself and my guide, Alfred, were quite stunned to see this most elusive of cats sitting comfortably 5 metres from our vehicle!

Recently a team of private guides were taken to the area in order to help scout the best location for the camp itself and to help work out the best routes for game driving. Included in this team were Allan Earnshaw and James Robertson who are well known for being amongst the most knowledgeable professional guides for this area, during an eight day stay they saw an incredible 90 Lion, 20 cheetah, 6 leopard and were able to enjoy sightings of elusive wildcat, caracal and even a serval! The word “namiri” itself means big cat in Swahili and with sightings like these it is clear to see why.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a trip to Tanzania to include a visit to Namiri Plains.

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