Mystery of the Lemur Tails

Arabella Worthington

02 Jul 2013


An update from Arabella on the road in Madagascar

At breakfast this morning, whilst trying to keep a mischievous brown lemur from sharing my pineapple, I asked Miahy why some lemurs have longer tails than others. He told me a story which I thought I'd share. The tale goes like this....

"A long time ago the white and black ruffed lemur and the indri lemur went to a party but the indri lemur left a bit early and went to bed. The black and white ruffed lemur proceeded to drink a fair bit of local brew and before they knew it they can conjured up a deceitful plan. They slipped away from the party and found the sleeping indris and cut off their tails and attached them to their own bodies. This is why the indri have very small tails (almost like Stubbs) and the black and white ruffed lemur have ridiculously long tails whose colour looks far more akin to an indri. Still today, you will hear the black and white ruffed lemur cackle like witches, whilst the indri cry like babies."



4/7/2013 4:30 PM

Hey Phil - yep Palmarium is a great place! Relaxed but lemurs up close as well! Hope all well with you.

Phil Abraham

3/7/2013 5:30 AM

Nice story, The brown Lemurs are little buggers, I was 'mugged' by a pair for a banana last year at Palmarium, couldnt fight back for laughing.. One of the memorable moments from madagascar was having a small black lemur hold my hand while it nibbled the 'nana made even a roughtey toughtey go ahhhh. :-) If you still use Tooki as a guide say HI from me, one of Andy's first group last year cheers and enjoy Phil

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