Satpura National Park, BSSKrishnaS, Wikimedia Commons

Lesser-Known Indian National Parks

Mike Gurrey

Mike Gurrey

27 Oct 2017

Avoid the crowds on your next safari by visiting some of India’s hidden gems

In the spirit of adventure and unearthing new areas within India to visit, I wanted to provide a little insight into five lesser-known National Parks and Reserves within India Though they may not share the famous names of heavily visited and busier parks like Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh, their unspoiled beauty and abundant wildlife-spotting opportunities make them a stunning place to visit. Go now before the crowds find them!
Sloth bear, davidvraju, Wikimedia Commons

satpura national park

Beloved of wildlife enthusiasts, this tiger reserve recently won the Most Visitor-Friendly Wildlife Destination Award from TOFTigers. Located in the highlands of Madhya Pradesh, it incorporates stunning waterfalls and rolling hills. The lush surroundings are the perfect habitat for tigers, as well as other species like leopards, sloth bears, and more. The best part of Satpura is you can explore the park by Jeep, by canoe, by boat or on a mobile walking safari. Our Indian Safari with a Difference takes in the best of the upcoming National Parks within India, including canoeing and walking safaris in Satpura.
Leopard, India

tadoba national park

One of India’s lesser-known tiger reserves, Tadoba is an undiscovered gem. Located in the Chimur Hills of Maharashtra, its rugged landscape is populated by teak and bamboo forests. The park is a haven for a number of stunning, at-risk wildlife species, and it has a booming tiger population. Lucky visitors can spot the big cats on the margins of the reserve by boat or canoe, together with sloth bears, leopards, crocodiles and hyenas. On our Ultimate Indian Tiger Safari you can enjoy three nights in Tadoba National Park in search of the iconic Bengal tiger.
Bengal tigers, Sergey Uryadnikov

kabini wildlife sanctuary

Nestled within Nagarhole National Park, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary takes its name from the scenic river that runs through this stretch of rural Karnataka. That river also happens to be one of the finest places for wildlife safaris in southern India, with big cats, elephants, chital (spotted deer) and dozens of bird species all gathering at the water’s edge for a refreshing drink. On our Images of Southern India Safari you can enjoy the best of the region with a mixture of culture and wildlife, as well as a relaxing beach stay at the end of your trip.
Chital, India


Jawai, set in a stunning location filled with massive boulders and bodies of water in southern Rajasthan, is the perfect location for observing leopards in India. A stay here means avoiding both the crowds and the regulations of India's wildlife reserves, while also getting a front-row seat to a vanishing way of life. Leopards are regarded as guardians of the ancient temples that hide among the landscape, and it is estimated that 50 live in the Jawai area. There are also antelopes, crocodiles, monkeys, wild boar and more than 100 bird species. On our Rajasthan, Culture and Wildlife Safari you get to experience the best of Rajasthan culture along with plenty of wildlife-spotting, searching for charismatic tigers and leopards within the boundaries of Jawai.
One-horned rhino, India

kaziranga national park

Unlike the tiger reserves of central India, Kaziranga National Park is cast out into India’s far northeast, in the remote state of Assam. Consisting of marshlands, grassy flatlands, and sandy islands along the banks of the Brahmaputra River, it’s a remarkable landscape to take in. It also makes for stunning wildlife viewing, thanks to its population of tigers, one-horned rhinos, water buffalo and a host of other species. Our Rhinos, Temples and Tigers of India Safari takes in the best of Indian wildlife - including tigers in central India - while also taking you to Kaziranga National Park in search of the one-horned rhino, the country’s second-largest land mammal behind the Asian elephant.


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