Witnessing India's Incredible Wildlife

Gail Davis

06 Apr 2017

Exploring Kaziranga

I recently returned from almost 3 weeks in India visiting 3 very different game reserves. First stop was Kaziranga in Assam known for Indian single horned rhinoceros.  Unexpectedly the rhinos were prolific sharing the grasslands with the deer, antelope, water buffalo and birds and the woods with wild elephant. We were lucky and found a family of gibbons along the roadside as well as sighting 2 tigers. The Diphlu River Lodge chalets were a beautiful and relaxing location to spend downtime from the game drives.

Encountering asiatic lions

Next up was Gir in Gujarat, the place for Asian lions. The park was different from Kaziranga, drier and overall browner. Once again, the premier performers showed up. One day we came upon a pride of 8 female lions all lounging around after a hearty meal. They politely posed for an extended photo op. The accommodations at the Lion Safari Camp were beautiful, a series of tents well-appointed and very comfortable. The food was excellent with many Indian specialties that differed greatly from the style of cooking found in Assam. 

Meeting the famous tigers of Ranthambore

Finally, Ranthambore in Rajasthan, known for tigers and the ancient fort that overlooks the park. Lush and hilly, half the adventure was riding the jeep down the hillsides wondering why the vehicle didn’t tumble head over heels and us with it. Birds, antelope, deer, crocodiles, sloth bear and most of all tigers. 

The tigers didn’t show up every day but when they did they put on a show.

Unlike the tigers in Assam, these cats were not the least shy. They lounged, generally close to the road, and when the mood took them simply strolled by the jeeps ignoring the human component. We even had one visit our camp, Sher Bagh, during the night probably attracted to the amazing food smells from our elegant dinner. The dinners are almost always out under the stars and vary between Indian specialties and a continental menu. As always, one of my favorite things was the porridge made over an open fire laced with honey and rum to warm you up before the 6:15 game drive. Sher Bagh is a beautifully laid out extremely luxurious tented camp with attention to detail features like heaters for the chilly nights and air-conditioners for warm days.


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