Images of Kamchatka

Simon Jeavons

09 Jan 2018

A photographic journey through the 'land of fire and ice'

Inaccessible even to Russian citizens until the 1990s, the Kamchatka Peninsula encompasses an area of pristine wilderness larger than the British Isles. With the highest concentration of active volcanoes of anywhere in the world, this remote region of Far East Russia is a literal hotspot of geothermal activity, earning it the moniker of the ‘land of fire and ice’. The 1,200km long peninsula is also a haven for wildlife, including Kamchatkan brown bears – there are more bears than people in Kamchatka – sea otters and a variety of seabird species.

Despite, or perhaps because of, its hard-to-reach location, Kamchatka has drawn in travellers seeking adventure and the opportunity to capture the areas beautifully rugged landscapes on camera. Two highly respected photographers who have spent many years leading photographic tours of the Russian Far East are Daniel Kordan and Anton Agarkov. Anton will be leading the Volcanoes of Kamchatka Photographic Safari in August, giving you the opportunity to experience this untamed wilderness for yourself. Below, we have selected a few of Daniel and Anton’s images to give you a taste of what you can expect from a Kamchatkan photographic safari.

These images really capture the vast and unique landscapes of Kamchatka, from smouldering volcanoes to colourful PATCHWORK tundra.

Kamchatka is still relatively undeveloped as a tourist destination, with basic accommodation that puts you in the right place for incredible photographic opportunities. Image by Daniel Kordan.

Day to night: the same volcanic range can look remarkably different in the dark, as the sky is illuminated by lava flows. Images by Daniel Kordan. 

The Volcanoes of Kamchatka UNESCO World Heritage Site is spread across six different sites in central and southern Kamchatka and includes Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the largest active volcano in the northern hemisphere. Images by Anton Agarkov.

The diverse landscapes of Kamchatka include rocky tundra and glistening ice caves. Images by Anton Agarkov. 

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