Exploring Madagascar's Eastern Rainforest

Angela Szabo

16 Feb 2018

Discovering the Lemurs of Madagascar

Me and my husband booked the Eastern Rainforest Safari with NWS and spent seven days in Madagascar. On the first day we arrived, we checked into our hotel in Tana and were welcomed to our room with a bottle of champagne. The next day we headed to the Andasibe Reserve, passing through rice paddies and highland scenery on the way.
Over the next two days we visited the Andasibe and Mantadia National Parks. We saw the indri, the sifaka, brown, woolly and other species of lemur in their natural habitat. In the evenings we did night walks, where we saw the smallest lemur in the world along with chameleons and insects. We visited the lemur island which was a lot of fun, since we could get really close to the lemurs and they were jumping in our shoulders. During our time in Andasibe we stayed in the Vakona Forest Lodge, which was a nice place to stay with great food.

The next day we headed to the Palmarium Reserve and had a nice boat trip where we saw the local villages. Visiting the Palmarium was really an extraordinary experience. We did a tour with our guide on the island but we went also by ourselves so we could discover the island and the lemurs on our own. Here we had our breakfast and dinner with the lemurs - they came really close, which was a lot of fun. In Palmarium we saw the indri, Coquerel's sifakas, black, crowned and red lemurs, and in the evening we visited the nearby island to see the aye-aye. We had a wonderful time in Madagascar. The trip was perfectly organised from the beginning to the end. 

Our guide had a deep-knowledge about the culture and wildlife of Madagascar which made our tour perfect. The service was perfect in all of the accommodation we stayed. We would definitely travel again with NWS.


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